A magic formula of Weight Loss

Weight Loss 7-10 pounds a week: Obesity is a major problem now. Excess weight is due to heart disease, diabetes, and all other diseases. The following food methods is proved for weight loss. Firstly, exclude all alcoholic beverages completely. Of course, drink 3-7 liters of water daily. Lemon water, soda water, coffee, tea etc. can drink. However, it is necessary to eliminate creams and sugar.

1st day: eat any fruit except bananas, do not eat any other food, eat only fruits.

Day 2: You can eat raw or cooked vegetables according to your choice. . Cooking must be without spice. Boil the favorite vegetables with a little oil and salt.

Day 3: On this day, eat fruits, vegetables without any kind of banana.

4th Day: On this day you will have 8 medium-sized bananas and three glasses (200 ml) of milk. Other things can not be eaten.

5th day: eat small amounts of lean meat and 6 tomatoes.

6th day: eat the lean meats and vegetables you want on this day.

7th Day: Enjoy brown rice, fruit juice and all types of vegetables and vegetables.

Caution: Do not eat fruit juice before the 7th day. Do not follow this process more than once a month. Everyone stay healthy,
remain healthy.