5 infallible formulas for reducing abdominal fat

It is bad for both men and women to see if fat stomach increases. But due to our irregularities and poor eating habits, fat accumulate in the stomach. If fat is accumulated at large amount in our stomach, everybody falls in danger. Because It is very difficult to reduce the amount of fat in the stomach due to high-fat consumption. Everyone should be careful about belly fat. We can easily get rid of the fat of our stomach  We just have to follow some hard steps.

Step 1: Exercise for reducing stomach fat:

The first and foremost task of reducing stomach fat is to reduce the fat of our stomach muscles which can be done through exercise. And do not just exercise abdomen. To do the whole body exercises. However, you must pay a little more attention to the stomach. You must have to Push-up and pull-up exercise. The rope-jump is the best exercise for your body. If you want to reduce stomach fat in 1 week, you will have to lose 500-600 calories every day.

Step 2 – Start the day with lemon water:

Every morning, eat 1 glass of lemon hot water. Try to keep the amount of lemon juice as high as possible. Eat water before eating. This will reduce the demand for food. Keep the abundance of water in the day.

Step 3 – Abdominal muscular exercise:

Abdominal muscle exercises should be done 3 days a week. The trunk and foot exercises will be done 20 times in 3 sets each time. To practice push-up exercises through elbow , you have to practice. This will reduce abdominal fat by 1 week.

4th Step – Changes in Habitat:

Generally by the way in which you eat food you have to eat sugar, and carbohydrate must be removed. Carbohydrate can be kept slightly to keep the degree of energy. But of course, sugar has to be dropped. Eat fish and chicken meat, plenty of vegetables and fiber rich foods. And practice eating fresh fruits every day. Especially talk fruit Do not keep salt in the food. Not only salt but also from sodium-rich foods.

Step 5 – Use some spices for food:

Use cinnamon, pepper and ginger in the food. These spices are very effective in removing fat in the stomach. Garlic removes the stomach fat. Practice the habit of chewing raw ginger and garlic. Increase the amount of spicy food. The spicy food helps in destroying the belly fat. To know more: https://healthservices24.wordpress.com



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