10 predictions of brain cancer

Cancer treatment  is also available nowadays. But suppose you are affected on brain cancer, and you are thinking that the pain of severe migraine is painful. Then  will proper solution be found?

Again it may be that you understand there is a big problem, but do not know what is happening? you are Sit down and thought that the doctor will show you tomorrow. But he did not even go to the doctor without much importance.

Choosing the right signs and getting to the doctor at the right time is possible to win death. So let’s not know the precursors of brain cancer-

Causes of Brain Cancer :

The exact cause of brain cancer is not yet known. However, due to the following tasks, this problem may be-

come in contact with chemical or radioactivity

  1. Due to hereditary reasons
  2. HIV / AIDS infection
  3. Smoking
  4. Long-term contact with chemical substances that pollute the environment.

Forecasting of brain cancer:

Among the people with this disease, doctors see the following symptoms-



  1. There will be severe headaches.

2.The body will become weak.

  1. The need or desire of hunger or eating will be reduced.
  2. Can be convulsion.
  3. Obesity will be created in the body.
  4. Talking will be a problem.
  5. Can not talk properly. The pronunciation will become vague.
  6. The hands and feet will not work properly.
  7. There will be problems in sight.
  8. Memory will be reduced. Will not miss the word or work. Even the names of the people can be forgotten.


* All of our articles are reviewed by expert doctors *


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