5 infallible formulas for reducing abdominal fat

It is bad for both men and women to see if fat stomach increases. But due to our irregularities and poor eating habits, fat accumulate in the stomach. If fat is accumulated at large amount in our stomach, everybody falls in danger. Because It is very difficult to reduce the amount of fat in the stomach due to high-fat consumption. Everyone should be careful about belly fat. We can easily get rid of the fat of our stomach  We just have to follow some hard steps.

Step 1: Exercise for reducing stomach fat:

The first and foremost task of reducing stomach fat is to reduce the fat of our stomach muscles which can be done through exercise. And do not just exercise abdomen. To do the whole body exercises. However, you must pay a little more attention to the stomach. You must have to Push-up and pull-up exercise. The rope-jump is the best exercise for your body. If you want to reduce stomach fat in 1 week, you will have to lose 500-600 calories every day.

Step 2 – Start the day with lemon water:

Every morning, eat 1 glass of lemon hot water. Try to keep the amount of lemon juice as high as possible. Eat water before eating. This will reduce the demand for food. Keep the abundance of water in the day.

Step 3 – Abdominal muscular exercise:

Abdominal muscle exercises should be done 3 days a week. The trunk and foot exercises will be done 20 times in 3 sets each time. To practice push-up exercises through elbow , you have to practice. This will reduce abdominal fat by 1 week.

4th Step – Changes in Habitat:

Generally by the way in which you eat food you have to eat sugar, and carbohydrate must be removed. Carbohydrate can be kept slightly to keep the degree of energy. But of course, sugar has to be dropped. Eat fish and chicken meat, plenty of vegetables and fiber rich foods. And practice eating fresh fruits every day. Especially talk fruit Do not keep salt in the food. Not only salt but also from sodium-rich foods.

Step 5 – Use some spices for food:

Use cinnamon, pepper and ginger in the food. These spices are very effective in removing fat in the stomach. Garlic removes the stomach fat. Practice the habit of chewing raw ginger and garlic. Increase the amount of spicy food. The spicy food helps in destroying the belly fat. To know more: https://healthservices24.wordpress.com


Benefits and disadvantages of taking Vitamin-E

Nowadays the name of featured Vitamin is Vitamin-E. There is vitamin E in adequate amounts in many foods. So the lack of it in the body is not seen. Vitamin E reacts to the chemical function or oxidation, and oxidation has harmful effects on the body. Vitamin E is also important for correcting the body’s nerves and muscles.

In some cases, the need for taking vitamins is increased. These are-
* Intestinal illness * Liver or liver disease * Pancreatic illness * Stomach remedies through surgery.
The child who eats the milk of tin can be deficient in Vitamin-E. Foods rich in saturated fatty acids in the sediment, if accepted increases the requirements of Vitamin-E.
It is claimed that Vitamin-E prevents cancer, acne, aging, hair fall, bee bite pains, diaper rash, bursitis, stomach ache, heart attack, abortion pains, some blood disorders, aborted fetus,
muscle weakness, Sexual inactivity, infertility, menopause, sunburn, and lung damage by air pollution. These claims have not been proved. Vitamin E is currently being used to treat certain cancers, there is not enough information about whether it is effective.

The lack of vitamin E can not be absorbed in the body due to the illness of the person.
Vitamin-E is available in the market in various cases- * capsule * syrup * tablet.
The importance of food: It is important for good health to eat balanced and diverse foods. If you want to get special vitamins or mineral by taking food, then prepare your food list by consulting the doctor. If you think you are not getting adequate vitamins or minerals, then follow a diet plan.
Vitamin A is found in various foods. It is
* Vegetable oil (corn, cotton seeds, soybean) * wheat embryos * whole grains * green vegetables etc.
If you cook and consume the food, vitamin E is somewhat lost. Accepting vitamin supplements can not be an alternative to fine food and it can not produce energy in the body. Vitamins themselves can not work without the presence of other food. Vitamin-E is required to absorb some fat in the body.

Vitamin E is available in various ways such as De-or-dl alpha-Tacoferrill acetate, D-or dl-alpha-tocopherol, and D-or-L-alpha-Tacoferril acid saxinet.

Remember that before taking vitamins:

If you take vitamins without prescription, then read the labels well and follow the instructions if there is any warning. In some cases, be careful about taking vitamins-
Allergy: If there is any abnormality after taking vitamin E or allergic reaction then the doctor will have to report immediately.
Pregnancy: This is important, when you are pregnant, taking adequate vitamins. But you should see if you are taking vitamins at the right level throughout the pregnancy because t the growth of the embryo depends on the proper nutrition of the mother. Due to taking the high levels of vitamin E may be infection during pregnancy, it is possible to avoid taking too much vitamin.
Breast milk: Obtaining vitamin is important for breastfeeding women to grow the child properly. If you are breastfeeding the child, occasionally consult your doctor. In this case, babies may need to give vitamin in other ways. But if you take an excessive vitamin on breastfeeding, it will be harmful to you and your baby.
Children: It is not known about child’s inconvenience due to taking daily recommended levels. If your child develops breast milk, consult a doctor for giving him the right amount of vitamins. Studies have shown that vitamin B has lower levels of the baby before birth. Your doctor will determine the level of Vitamin-E in this regard.
Adult men and women: In view of the daily recommended condition, there is no discrepancy in adult women and men.
Receiving other medicines: If you are taking any other medicines while taking vitamins, then you should tell the doctor. Because in many cases the reaction between two drugs can occur. In that case, the doctor can change the drug level or take any other action.
Other medical problems: If there is any other medical problem, it may worsen the condition of taking vitamins. You must tell the doctor if you have any other medical problems, especially if you have a bleeding problem.
Are you taking enough vitamins?
Vitamin-E is a necessary vitamin for the body. Studies have shown that decreasing the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, cataracts, muscular pain, chills, and other infections can reduce Vitamin-E. Another study found that immunity to the body increased by taking vitamin-E. Get the following suggestions for getting enough vitamins.

 Eat Vitamin-E rich foods: Nuts, cereals, corn embryos and dark green vegetables are an excellent source of Vitamin-E. Keep these foods on your daily food list.

Vitamin-E Supplement: It is not possible to get 100-400 IU vitamin from food. Olive oil is one of the best sources of Vitamin A. Although every teaspoon of olive oil contains about 1.74 IU Vitamin-E. That means you will have to eat daily 100 IU Vitamin-E to eat 3 cup olive oil. So you can get Vitamin-E supplement as a doctor’s advice, along with the diet to get enough vitamins.
Vitamin-E’s side-effects: Vitamin-E is still needed in the body, however, some uncertainty side effects may occur in supplementation. Receiving Vitamin E for a limited amount of time is not usually the side effects. If you have any side effects as a result of taking vitamins, then soon you will be able to consult the doctor.
Due to excess of 400 units daily and taking Vitamin-A for long period, the side effects of the following-
* Blurred vision * Diarrhea * Headache * Headache * Bloating * Stomach * Abnormal fatigue or weakness.

8 physical symptoms of men are predictable of the disease!

Men are often busy with outside activities. Do not get too much time to focus on your body. There was a serious disorder that grew in the body. Recently, Health magazine, ” Mel Health”, has said that some physical signs are likely to predict a serious disease. What are those signs? Let’s know-

1. Feel the bumps in the testicle:

Men should regularly scrutinize their scrotum, and see if there is any lump or lump feeling available. If it goes, then you need to go to the doctor immediately. Because these symptoms can be predictive of testicular cancer.

2. Extra Tiredness:                                                        

Hard labor or no eating enough nutritious food can be a cause of tiredness. But if all is apparently tired of being OK, then it may be symptoms of diabetes, lung cancer, or heart disease.

3. Feeling pain in urine or bleeding:

If urinary tract pain occurs during urine or if blood is released with urine, then it is likely to be susceptible to prostate cancer.

4. Nose loudly:

Most of Men does not give importance to nose’s loudness. But nose loudly for a long time may be an indication of any allergy to the respiratory system or sleep apnea.

5. Becoming unstable after Walking a little while:

Does your breathing start up a little walking? If so, be careful, because it may be anemia, asthma or heart disease symptoms.
6. Feeling any gland on the chest:

If you have a pimple or lump inside the skin with your chest, then go to the doctor without delay. Because it is likely to be a breast cancer symptom. Those who do not know, they should know that breast cancer is not only women but also men.

7. To visit the toilet again and again:

If you have to run the toilet after a few moments of urination, and if it takes a lot of time to start urinating, then it is a sign of prostate disease. If this is done, consult the doctor without delay.

8. Early hair loss:

A man does not give much importance to the baldness. It is true that after a certain age the head hair may fall. But if the head hair starts to fall before that age, then it may be a sign of thyroid problems. A long time for the problem of hair fall, the doctor is going to be intelligent.


10 predictions of brain cancer

Cancer treatment  is also available nowadays. But suppose you are affected on brain cancer, and you are thinking that the pain of severe migraine is painful. Then  will proper solution be found?

Again it may be that you understand there is a big problem, but do not know what is happening? you are Sit down and thought that the doctor will show you tomorrow. But he did not even go to the doctor without much importance.

Choosing the right signs and getting to the doctor at the right time is possible to win death. So let’s not know the precursors of brain cancer-

Causes of Brain Cancer :

The exact cause of brain cancer is not yet known. However, due to the following tasks, this problem may be-

come in contact with chemical or radioactivity

  1. Due to hereditary reasons
  2. HIV / AIDS infection
  3. Smoking
  4. Long-term contact with chemical substances that pollute the environment.

Forecasting of brain cancer:

Among the people with this disease, doctors see the following symptoms-



  1. There will be severe headaches.

2.The body will become weak.

  1. The need or desire of hunger or eating will be reduced.
  2. Can be convulsion.
  3. Obesity will be created in the body.
  4. Talking will be a problem.
  5. Can not talk properly. The pronunciation will become vague.
  6. The hands and feet will not work properly.
  7. There will be problems in sight.
  8. Memory will be reduced. Will not miss the word or work. Even the names of the people can be forgotten.


* All of our articles are reviewed by expert doctors *

What is diabetes, why should it be?

Diabetes is a metabolic disease. In our body, due to metabolic disorder due to the complete or relative deficiency of the hormone called insulin, the amount of glucose in the blood increases and once it comes out with urine. This overall condition is called diabetes. The amount of glucose in the blood increases last longer. The amount of glucose in the plasma of the healthy person is less than 5.6 ml in the free state and the food is less than 7.8 ml after two hours. Glucose level of glucose in the plasma of the blood, or more than 7.1 ml of glucose, after two hours of blood glucose, blood glucose levels are more than 11.1 ml if it is considered to be diabetes.

Insulin Resistance Key:

Insulin resistance is a physical condition where insulin is made in the body. But that does not work properly, that does not reduce blood glucose levels properly. If someone has insulin resistance in their body then their diabetes occurs, usually type 2 diabetes.

Insulin resistance usually increases the level of glucose in the blood, there is confusion. The brain develops, the weight increases. Fat accumulates on the body, blood pressure increases, hunger and thirst increase more than usual.

Diabetes Symptoms:

  1. Frequent urination
  2. Too much thirsty
  3. Get more hunger

D Weight loss despite eating enough

  1. Feeling fatigue and weakness
  2. Delay to wound dry

G Skin disorders such as scabies, boil etc. appear

  1. Low vision

The way to diagnose diabetes:

Diabetes is diagnosed by measuring an1% of blood glucose levels. The amount of glucose in a healthy person’s blood plasma is less than 6.1 ml of free, and after 2 hours of food, less than 7.8 ml of mol or 2 hours after eating 75 grams of glucose, the amount of glucose in the blood plasma is less than 11.1 millimol. Glucose is 0.06 ml or more in the blood plasma of any person, and after 2 hours of eating food or 75 grams of glucose, the amount of glucose in the blood plasma of 11.1 ml or more or blood donation of 6.5% If more, he is diagnosed as a diabetes patient.

Types of diabetes and their differences:

Type-1, 2. Type-2, 3 Pregnancy diabetes. 4. Other specific reasons include:


In such patients, insulin is not completely made in the body. Usually, such type of diabetes is seen at 30 years of age. These patients have to take insulin injections to control diabetes. Otherwise, the blood sugar has increased rapidly and soon after the death of an unknown amount of blood, it is unconscious.


The patient of this class is mostly 30 years old. Nowadays, this number of patients are presenting under thirty years of age and growing day by day. Insulin is made in their body. However, if insulin injection is not necessary, they are not poisoned like type-1 patient. That is, they are not dependent on insulin. In many cases it is possible to treat them with changes in diet and regular exercise.

Pregnancy diabetes:

Maternal diabetes is diagnosed many times during pregnancy. Diabetes is not present after delivery. This type of complexity is called pregnancy diabetes. Pregnant women can be dangerous for both pregnant women and pregnant babies if diabetes occurs. In order to avoid danger, it is important to keep in control under insulin during pregnancy.

Other specific reasons include:

  1. Genetic reasons are low in insulin production.
  2. Decreasing the effectiveness of insulin for genetic reasons.
  3. Pancreatic diseases

D Lots of other hormones

  1. Medicines and chemicals contact.

Reasons to Diabetes:

Anyone at any age can be infected with diabetes at any time. However, the following people are more likely to have diabetes:

  1. Those who have a family of diabetes, especially related to parents or blood.
  2. Those who have a lot of weight and who do not do any work of exercise or physical work.
  3. Those who have used cortisol drugs for a long time.

D Women who had diabetes during pregnancy, and women who gave birth to over 9 pounds.

  1. Those who have blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood is high.

What is maternal diabetes?

Diabetes is diagnosed after pregnancy. And after delivery, the amount of glucose in the blood becomes normal. She is called maternal diabetes. In pregnancy, the mother’s body needs more insulin than usual, to keep the amount of blood glucose normal. If the body is unable to make this insulin, then the pregnancy of pregnant mother increases the amount of glucose in the blood during pregnancy, that is, maternal diabetes. Placental hormones are also responsible for maternal diabetes.

What kind of complications can be triggered by diabetes?

Paralysis In the complexity of nervous system, cardiovascular disease, deleterious lesions, liver disease, urinary excretion, and subsequent kidney failure. Thin louse, tuberculosis, inflammation of the gums, itching, boil, scab, etc. Moreover, due to the disease, the decrease in sexual intercourse. Women are more likely to have birth weight, birth of dead children, premature births, child birth after birth, and many types of birth defects can occur.

What to do in the management of diabetes?

There are four rules in the management of diabetes-

  1. Food system
  2. Efficient labor and exercise
  3. Medicines
  4. Diabetes Education

Food arrangements:

If diabetes is to follow a specific dietary regimen. The main objectives of keeping food rules are to keep diabetes under control and keep your health healthy.

Food Adoption Policy

  1. If the weight of the body is too low or less then increase the normalization and maintain it if it is normal.
  2. Sugar, sweet foods are excluded.
  3. Eat some sugary foods and eat it.

D Eat more of fennel foods.

  1. Eat less saturated fat and practice intake of unsaturated fat.
  2. Eat quantity of calorie foods.

G Eat food at certain times J. Do not skip eating any food.

Yes. Today is not short, do not eat more like this.

Efficient labor and exercise:

The role of exercise or body exercises on disease control is very important. Exercise or physical exertion helps in the movement of muscles and helps in movement of blood. The body is healthy As a result, the effectiveness of insulin increases. The body will be healthy enough for at least 30 minutes daily and walking for at least 5 days a week.


All diabetics have to follow food, exercise and discipline. Disease control, especially if it is suitable for elderly patients, can be controlled. But type-1 diabetes patients need insulin injections. Typ-2 diabetes patients have to use food pills and insulin if needed.


Diabetes is a life-long disease; It is possible to keep the disease in full control if proper action is taken. Therefore, for the treatment of this disease, patients need diabetes as well as education, as also the relatives of the patient should have knowledge about the disease. Because there is no alternative to education.

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